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Pack of 4 ALGAGEL, BODY GEL 250g

Pack of 4 ALGAGEL, BODY GEL 250g

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ESSENTIAL OIL OF SEA OAK (Fucus serratus L.)

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Being overweight, like obesity, is characterized by an increase in body weight and is accompanied by an accumulation of fat in the body. It is due to an imbalance between the amount of calories consumed in the diet and the amount of energy (in the form of calories) that is expended during physical activities.


In the past, overweight was determined by the Broca index. First, the ideal weight of a person was calculated according to their height. From the difference between the real weight and the ideal weight, overweight or underweight was diagnosed. It has been suggested that the percentage of fat accumulated in the body is an indicator of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the waist / hip ratio (ICC) and the waist circumference are used more and more, than the BMI. Overweight has also been defined as a weight 10 to 20% greater than height in centimeters. Considering as an ideal weight, a weight less than 10% in men and 15% in women in relation to height. However, a person's body weight depends on their fat mass, bone mass, muscle weight and water weight, so it is best to see a doctor specialized in nutrition who will indicate your state of health regarding weight. Being overweight in itself is not a disease, but it is a condition that predisposes to the development of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood fats (dyslipidemia), heart attacks, strokes, some types of cancer and favors death early. Currently, according to nutritionists, the most reliable method to assess the health risks caused by being overweight is to measure the contour of the waist. Some studies have associated that the accumulated fat in the abdominal area is directly related to cardiovascular diseases. Most of the cases of overweight are located in industrialized countries, where food is abundant and most of the population performs jobs that do not require great physical effort. Weight gain usually happens over time. Most people know when they have gained weight. Some of the signs of being overweight or obese are: Clothing is tight and a size larger is needed; the scale shows that there has been an increase in weight; there is excess fat in the waist and the body mass index and waist circumference are higher than normal. The “ESSENTIAL SEA OAK OIL” is extracted from the species Fucus serratus, L. is a seaweed that grows on the cliffs of the northern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, from Greenland to the Azores islands. It is known and appreciated above all for its anti-cellulite and anti-obesity properties, with results already being observed 15 days after starting its use. It is also known as Sargasso vejigoso for its bladders - the size of olives - filled with air that allow it to stay afloat in water. It owes its properties to various active principles such as alginic acid and other mucilages, fucoidin, laminarin and various carotenoids (provitamin factors). It also contains essential oil and vitamins A, B1, C, E and small amounts of B12; mineral salts, especially iodine, potassium and bromine; proteins and lipids. (Source: https://www.dsalud.com/reportaje/plantas-para-mejorar-el-metabolismo/)

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